Important notice: Earthwise Valley closed in 2010 due to the unexpected passing of one of its founders. This site is maintained as-is in tribute to the many volunteers who lent their time and energy to the Valley.

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Tipping Trailer invaluable to Big Move

Our new “Super Trailer” has been proving invaluable during the big move onto the Land…

We’ve often been carrying such large loads that volunteers and dogs have had to squeeze in wherever possible!

These first 2 photos show our dogs riding the indoor rock climbing wall (enroute to its new home) and also safely ‘stashed’ in our big yellow seakayak.

The last picture shows the trailer’s nifty “tipping” ability being used to stand up one of our chicken houses. This 2 tonne hydraulic system will come in handy with sand (for the beach volley court), road gravel (for the driveway) , and definitely the many upcoming loads of planting mulch!

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