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Archive for April, 2009

Summer projects

This summer saw an exciting array of initial project work, as we begin the long journey of re-foresting the degraded farmland property, protecting the waterways from weeds and erosion, and setting sustainable food production and living facilities.

Recent projects include:
planting flax along the river side
– removing weeds like wild ginger and wooly nightshade
planted a large number of native and shelter trees to aid in establishing orchards
– built a large seakayak trailer for long-range trips
– built an awesome access loop road and small dam to form a pond for wildlife
– set up a large secure chicken run
– built a wonderful composting toilet called “sonya”
(click the links for photos and more information)

New chicken run complete

We have completed our new chicken run.
It is very large and will provide ample free range for many hens.


New seakayak trailer built

For several weeks we have been working on a “super kayak-trailer” – a large plywood frame bolted to our old extendable drawbar trailer unit. This frame is cut into the profile of 4 large seakayak hulls.

It provides a secure way of transporting and storing our 4 large “Southern Light” 2 person seakayaks.
There is room in the tray for accessories (paddles, jackets, safety vests etc.) and this frees up room in our van for camping equipment etc.

We now have an ideal setup for long range trips around the coasts and to inland lakes etc.
see recent lake trip recreation photos


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