Important notice: Earthwise Valley closed in 2010 due to the unexpected passing of one of its founders. This site is maintained as-is in tribute to the many volunteers who lent their time and energy to the Valley.

Archive for August, 2008

Giant Kauri in Earthwise Valley

Jen & Evee were fairly pleased to ‘discover’ this gigantic Kauri tree!  Somehow it survived the logging last century and now watches over the Valley from the hillside to the West of the Land.  Getting to it is an easy one hour walk and offers fantastic views across the Pacific, over Great Mercury Island, Cuvier and Gt. Barrier Islands …  you can ‘almost’ see America!

Earthwise has a new home!

Well, certainly the first news post must be the purchase of this incredible area of land – with excellent potential for growing food and sustainable living. The landscape is a mix of lowland coastal forest and rough pasture. Under our custodianship it will be retired from cattle grazing and re-planted with trees, both productives and natives. Weeds and pest animals will controlled and native birds and other wildlife encouraged. The nearby sea cove offers wonderful kaimoana (seafood) and the adjacent road will, in time, be useful for selling roadside veges and native plants.

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